Get the 100% Value of Your Property

Get the 100% Value of Your Property


“Loan Against Property” – It’s simplest, fastest, cheapest way to raise funding from Bank & NBFC?

Mortgaging your property for business purposes is a good option to explore to get the much required funds for company. A loan against an immovable property  whether it’s a Residence & Commercial can help you avail very quickly to finance your business.

 Is it for your Business?

Loan against Property can benefit individuals, business owners, partnership firms, proprietary firms and other individuals who wish to require fund in their business. can apply Business owners who wish to expand their business?. Taking a loan against property, will provide the borrower the eligibility to avail of a secured long term loan which can be used for any purpose business or new business expansion.

Valuation of Property

The Banker & NBFC will provide the loan on the basis of the market value of the property.

such as the Location, Building Structure, Building Conditions, to prepare a Valuation Report, which is looked at by the Bank/NBFC  in order to judge the viability of the loan. Normally, an amount upto 65-75% of the Market value of the property is the maximum amount banks lend against property. But Now a day’s Financial institution are doing 100% Valuation on the basis of Business Financial.

Fees and Tenor

The Processing fees will be charge varies from bank to bank. The banks charge between 1% to 2% of the loan as processing fees + Agreement charges . The tenor for such an arrangement can range between 5-10 years, though on case to case basis, the bank might increase the tenor to a maximum of 15 years.

Interest Rates and Credit Rating

Interest rate can be floating or fixed depending on the sanction terms of the bank. A good financial credit rating of the borrower can help in getting a best interest rate.

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